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Sept. 17, 2020

Working with Tarot

Working with Tarot
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On this episode of Grit and Grace, Tahverlee speaks with Shoshanna French about divination and the tarot. Shoshanna briefly discusses how she was introduced to tarot and how it turned on her clairaudience. Though tarot can be an everyday thing, Shoshanna shows that it is also a powerful tool she’s deeply connected to. If you’re just getting into tarot, you need to just choose a deck that’s beautiful to you. The traditional decks are easier for new people because they’re most likely already pretty familiar with them. There are some basics you need to learn, but after you do that, there’s a lot of room to play, Shoshanna says. The tarot is ultimately about the pathway of human beingness. As far as the history of tarot goes, it’s hard to say where it originated. Tarot has a long history of being read across the world. Though it made its way to France as a card game, the rise of “spiritualism” and mysticism in the West really brought tarot to the fore as a mainstay in the occult. Shoshanna explains the difference between a tarot deck and an oracle deck. Tarot has 78 cards, divided into the major and minor arcana.

Tarot is a tool for inquiry. Ask it really specific questions to get the most out of it. Shoshanna argues that it doesn’t really matter how you shuffle or cut the tarot deck because it’s ultimately an extension of your own intuition. Trust yourself and it’ll work. She likes to shuffle the cards until her energy is “all over them.” You need to know enough of the language to play with it. If you’re not really using the cards very often, you’re not going to build your skill and be connected to it. The person doing the reading, Tahverlee says, has a deep connection to the cards they read. And honestly, one person might interpret a reading completely differently from another person. Shoshanna teaches people to first look at the card with your eyes and pay attention to how they feel. The tarot is a very dynamic tool, and it requires you to really tap into your own intuition. She encourages all to take out their decks and continue reading! You can actually sign up for one of Shoshanna’s tarot classes at the Moon Temple’s website.

Shoshanna is a master of the divination tool that is tarot and a teacher at the Moon Temple Mystery School.


Find her on Instagram: @shoshannafrenchstokes


Tahverlee is a Social Iimpact Entrepreneur, Founder of Tahverlee's Tribe and Temple Keeper at the Moon Temple Mystery School.