July 26, 2021

Wolf Medicine

Wolf Medicine

Today, Tahverlee is joined by Julia Griffin, an alchemist, astrologer, herbalist, and Reiki Master. Julia has lived with wolves for nine years while developing her intuitive gifts. Awakening is the most incredible happening in anyone’s life; your path opens up and you begin to flow with the universe.

Today, Tahverlee is joined by Julia Griffin. Julia is an alchemist, astrologer, herbalist, and Reiki Master who teaches how to discern the inner voice of your own intuitive wisdom. She sees and reads energy to find its resonance with your soul.

Nine years ago, while Julia was writing, she began hearing a wolf howl. The howling went on all day and into the night until Julia had the overwhelming feeling that the wolves were calling to her. A short time later, she met two wolves and immediately felt a deep connection with them. Although the wolves were untamed, she approached them anyway and was accepted by them. From that time on, the wolves began communicating information to her, such as locating the wild herbs she needed or who she would come into contact with next.

Julia has lived with wolves ever since while developing her intuitive abilities. One of the greatest wishes of her childhood was to be able to hear what all of the animals were saying. Her intuitive abilities began to develop at a young age, but being accepted by the wolves completely activated her psychic ability. After this acceptance, Julia could hear the thoughts of plants, animals, and people as well.

Julia believes that awakening is the most incredible happening in anyone’s life. Learning how to focus your attention to deeply listen to your intuition changes everything. Your life opens up, and you begin to flow with the universe. As you grow and develop over time, you learn to hear your One True Self. 

When you want something in your life, start with trying to manifest it and see if it truly aligns with you. Sometimes, the universe will alter what you think you want to fit your true path. When you have to surrender to something different, it’s because what you initially thought you wanted is not what your soul needs. If something is not aligned with your soul, the universe will eventually show you what is.

We are now moving into a period of change, and we have the opportunity to truly begin to move on our soul path. When your vibrations are high from feeling optimistic, joyful, and loving people, you are opening up to the quantum field and making good things happen for you. Fear and worry take you in the other direction. Always pull in the good energy.

Starting in July, Julia’s new Awakening Course is a nine-month opportunity to discover more of your true presence and light. The course teaches you to focus on manifestation to create the life you desire. Through self-reflection and observation, you will realize how to move through limitations.

You can learn more about Julia and listen to her amazing radio show on her website, One True Self. Follow her on Twitter at OneTrueSelf or visit her on Facebook.


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