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Oct. 5, 2020

Why We Work with the Dark Goddess

Why We Work with the Dark Goddess
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In this episode of Grit and Grace, Tahverlee speaks with Heather Dawn (Mishi) about the concept of darkness as reflection of light. Mishi ultimately teaches that fearing the darkness within us is denying ourselves half of ourselves. Toward the end of the episode, she advocates for this, saying, “no one wants a 50-percenter.” Moving on, they briefly discuss Mishi’s tattoos of dark goddesses, one of them being Lilith. Mishi loves Lilith for her history of empowering her voice. Do we call on the dark goddesses when we need them? It’s really important to get in touch with the right dark goddesses so that you can understand and make use of the dark goddess’s energy. They also briefly talk about the mythology of Lilith in the Jewish tradition, the rising up of the woman as the snake, and the nourishing nature of destruction — how it heals and empowers.

Death and rebirth is a recurring theme. This leads Tahverlee and Mishi to ask: what exactly is destructive? You also need to consider the many paths of witchcraft so as not to confuse them. Ultimately, though, they are not concerned with dark magic. They only want people to be able to control your own energies. Remember, if your intentions are pure, you can’t go wrong. And as always, the rules are there are no rules. The esoteric is picking up more speed than in the past hundred years, so we have to be watchful. There’s risk in trying to teach others to harness their own power.

Mishi is a “mother, a high priestess, tattoo enthusiast, music lover, healer, moon fanatic, non-conformist, ritual master, and sacred rebel who loves to celebrate the feminine form.”


Tahverlee is a Social Impact Entrepreneur, Founder of Tahverlee's Tribe and Temple Keeper at the Moon Temple Mystery School.