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Sept. 2, 2019

Why are Women Missing in Leadership Roles?

Why are Women Missing in Leadership Roles?
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Today I’m joined by Thomas Ajspur (that's right - its a man on the show!) and he’s worried about the lack of women in leadership roles. Did you know that in the U.S women earn more Bachelors’, Masters’ and Doctoral degrees than men? So why do men still outnumber women in executive roles? Tahverlee and Thomas talk about the factors that stop women from being promoted, to inherent assumptions that women of a certain age will leave to have kids, correcting gender bias issues and SO much more! Balancing the role of breadwinner and primary caregiver is usually a female role, how do we get people to recognize the impact of emotional labor? We grapple with these questions in this episode and try to tease out possible solutions. Thomas is a seasoned entrepreneur who has served on leadership teams for five major acquisitions.  Thomas began working with Dynamics 25 years ago as an ERP user and implementer and then utilized it as the system to run his own business. In 1999, Thomas joined the Dynamics Professional Services industry with a focus on building ERP high performance organizations in Europe and the US and is known in the industry for selling large international AX deals. Born in Denmark, now living in the US and is on a mission to support women in leadership roles. Referenced LinkedIn Article:  https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/we-only-have-20-women-our-executive-team-irritates-me-thomas-ajspur/ Tahverlee is a Social Impact Entrepreneur and can be found at:    https://www.corporatecauseagency.com/ https://gx3box.com/ For more information on Tahverlee’s Tribe of female experts that support women on the rise, email her at tahverlee@gmail.com. https://www.instagram.com/tahverlee/ https://www.facebook.com/tahverlee https://www.linkedin.com/in/tahverlee-anglen/ Thomas Ajspur is the Founder and CEO of Enavate. https://www.enavate.com/ theaxblog.com  linkedin.com/in/ajspur Twitter theAXblog Shownotes are produced by Podcast Maven https://www.podcastmaven.com/