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April 19, 2021

Sink into the Space Between

Sink into the Space Between

Today, Tahverlee reflects on an important topic not often discussed in our big, bold, noisy world; silence.

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The amount of outside noise we take into our bodies every day is overwhelming. We are bombarded by social media and our constant virtual interactions with people, especially in the past "pandemic" year. With all of the energy that comes at us daily from our smartphones, work, and family, we don't take enough time to be in silence. The golden part of silence comes when we consciously choose to eliminate all outside noise.


Build a practice around silence by gifting yourself a silent retreat. Cut out all distractions; no alarms, notices, calendar reminders, just silence. You can still schedule in time to do some work, but for the most part, embrace the silence. Plan your silent retreat by first giving yourself permission, letting go of expectations, and beginning a digital detox. This is an inward journey to build trust and honor with yourself.


Listen to your inner knowing, your inner voice, connect more deeply with your truth. You can't do that with a consent flow of noise coming at you. We are always on the go; stop filling every space of your life with activity and hit the pause button. It is essential to give your nervous system a chance to completely relax and allow your body to do a full reset.


Be comfortable in your own stillness, and you will find that you connect deeper. Your consciousness will shift when you spend enough time in silence. You feel the things that you don't have the space to feel when you are bombarded with external energies. Sink into the space between.


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Tahverlee is a Social Impact Entrepreneur, Temple Keeper, and Founder at Tahverlee's Tribe.





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