Oct. 18, 2021

Music is Medicine

Music is Medicine

Meet Frank Kilpatrick and Rayko; composers, songwriters, entrepreneurs, and creators of the Gratitude Meditation podcast. They help others achieve inner peace through music meditation.

Today, Tahverlee is joined by Frank Kilpatrick and Rayko. Frank and Rayko are composers, songwriters, entrepreneurs, and creators of the Gratitude Meditation podcast. They help others achieve inner peace through music meditation.

Inspired by a recent trip down the Nile River to “The Birthplace of Civilization,” Frank created Gratitude Meditations to draw attention to everything we have to be thankful for. He created the lyrics for all the songs in the Gratitude suite and oversaw video and music production. Frank has written numerous pieces in exploratory, harmonic and romantic genres and recently created “Stay Alive” – a 90-minute Suicide Prevention video podcast.

Rayko is an “Emotional Conduit,” a prolific songwriter, and an energetic. She composed the melodies for Gratitude and sang, played on, and produced all pieces as well. Her compositions often contain themes of social justice, female perspectives, and cross-cultural challenges. Rayko was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, and grew up with a deep appreciation for classical and jazz music. As a child, she would spend hours sitting under the piano as her parents and uncle played.

Their amazing journey together began a little over five years ago when Frank was looking for a vocalist for a song he wrote and found Rayko through LinkedIn. Since that time, the two have been creating and writing together almost every day. They believe it is so important to have gratitude in our hearts, especially during these trying times. There is a whole world out there that can benefit from this universal thing we call music.

Frank and Rayko’s inspiration for their Gratitude series is our ability to recognize the opportunity at all times, in any circumstance, to see the joy and richness in what we have instead of striving for more stuff, more money. The essence of Gratitude meditations are short mini-vacations for the mind, heart, and soul and contain music, affirmations, Rayko’s singing, and visual images to take into our hearts.

Frank and Rayko have recently done a public service campaign to encourage Covid vaccination and are planning more projects for their Gratitude meditation series. They are composing for their music library and are focusing on some abstract jazz pieces right now. Rakyo is also the voice of a brand-new ride at Tokyo Disneyland. They both continue to strive to create positive, meaningful change in our world.

Connect with Frank and Rayko on their website at GratitudeVideo.com, on Instagram @Gratitude_Video, Facebook at Gratitude Video, Twitter @Gratitude_Video, or their YouTube Channel Gratitude Video. Catch them on SoundCloud at Rayko T and Fkilpatrick.


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