Nov. 7, 2022

Life is a Ritual

Life is a Ritual

Don’t keep your rituals and ceremonies separate from your daily life ~ learn to live your life as a ritual.

All that we have is this day - this present moment. Don’t keep your rituals and ceremonies separate from your daily life. Let the magic of the energy you create during your ritual space become your way of life.

In Life is a Ritual, Tahverlee shares the importance of a rising ritual, focusing on the transitional times in your day, bringing alignment to those transitioning moments, and having an arsenal of tools ready for use. The rituals you do during the “ in-between times” of your day are as powerful as the big ceremonies you perform.

Take the sacred pause, take some deep breaths, and use your rituals to connect and stay grounded. When you do, you will set up your day for much more ease, flow, joy, and peace. Let your rituals become a way of being, not just something you do. Live your life as a ritual.

Tahverlee is a Social Impact Entrepreneur and Temple Keeper. Visit Moon Temple Mystery School for ancient teachings for our modern world, spiritual coaching, and everything you need to know as you walk your awakening path. Journey with us in Flame Tenders, Temple Keepers, and High Priestess/High Priest 2023.

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