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March 8, 2021

Healing With The Elements

Healing With The Elements

Today, Tahverlee takes us on a journey of embracing the elements as healing portals to keep our bodies in an optimal state of health. 

Our society’s healthcare system focuses on sickness, rather than health. We are offered treatments, but not given solutions on how to keep our bodies in an optimal state of health. Viruses are nothing new, we have had them since humans came into being. But, if our bodies are strong, we can produce the antibodies needed to fight viruses.

As an “experienced” human, Tahverlee has gone through significant health journeys. There is a place for western medicine and medication. But at the simplest level, we need good elements to maintain optimal health; good soil, nutrients, water, clean air, and sun.

The fuel we put in our bodies dictates everything. If we fill our diets with bad foods that use so much energy to process, we give up energy that we need for good health. If we don’t prefilter the foods and water we eat, then our body becomes the filter.

Using the elements as healing portals for your body helps you maintain optimal health.

Element of earth; when was the last time you connected to the earth? The energetic output that the earth has for us if we just put our bodies next to it is miraculous.

Element of air; we are locked in our homes breathing recycled air. Find a place to take deep long breaths of fresh air and breath consciously.

Element of fire; we need the sun. It has all the vitamin D we need to boost our immune system.

Element of water; we need good fresh clean water from the earth. Good quality water has a massive effect on our health.

You are in charge of your health! Focus on the quality of food you eat. Find time to be in nature; lean into the earth and allow its healing energy to flow. Find places to take in deep breaths of good quality air. Face the sun and take in its healing vitamin D. Locate good quality water and drink plenty of it.

The elements dictate so many parts of our life and this is just a small slice of how to work with them. Journey with us at Moon Temple Mystery School to learn more. 


Tahverlee is a Social Impact Entrepreneur, Temple Keeper, and Founder at Tahverlee's Tribe.





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