Oct. 4, 2021

Beings From the Unseen Realm

Beings From the Unseen Realm

Today, Tahverlee is joined by Abby Benjamin. Abby is a channel for divine inspiration, an avenue for soul reclamation, and a catalyst for deep transformation who teaches spirit communication, psychic protection, and entity removal.

Today, Tahverlee is joined by Abby Benjamin. Abby guides others back to their unique soul essence. She is a channel for divine inspiration, an avenue for soul reclamation, and a catalyst for deep transformation.

Abby spent her twenties riding the waves of spiritual awakening while building careers in the mainstream world. Though she had many successes, she eventually began feeling that her soul had a different calling, one that serves people in a direct and transformative way. Much of her awakening was marked by challenging interactions with entities in the unseen realm, leading her to develop many skills for navigating worlds beyond the veil.

Abby’s interaction with unseen beings began after she moved to the mountains of Colorado and began to see different spirits with eyes open. She developed a relationship with one being who called himself her guardian angel. Although Abby considered herself to be open-minded, this was her first experience with an unseen being, and it helped to open her up spiritually. She developed a powerful connection with this being which was a little unsettling at first. Over time, Abby learned how to truly interact with her guardian angel, which marked the beginning of her spiritual awakening.

Abby started asking questions about this very complex, multi-layered being and discovered it was attached to trauma that she had experienced earlier in life. She learned so much in her interactions with this being and realized how genuinely complex unseen beings could be. It took Abby many years to develop her intuition and understand why he appeared to her and what he intended to do. Dealing with this being was terrifying at times, but it helped her learn and develop her gifts to help teach others.

Now, Abby helps people who are struggling with different types of energetic interference. If there is something non-benevolent happening in your world, she works with you to help resolve that. If you are experiencing bad dreams, sleep paralysis, any weirdness happening right before you fall asleep, unexplainable low energy, or intense heaviness or scary thoughts, these can be symptoms of energetic interference.

Don’t try to solve energetic interference issues yourself; reach out the Abby for help with entity removal. She also offers psychic readings, astrology readings, and life coaching. Abby has a special offer of 20% off any session for anyone who contacts her after hearing this episode. She is also offering a free class on November 6, 2021, to help us step into this very complex subject more deeply. Find all the information at Moon Temple Mystery School.

You can learn more about Abby on her website, Mirror Of Memory, and receive 20% off any session by emailing her at abby@mirrorofmemory.com. Follow Abby on Facebook or Instagram @AbbyBenjamin.

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