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Grit and Grace


Grit & Grace is . . .

A journey through the ebbs and flows of life

A channel to tap into our highest level of spiritual connection

A roadmap to help build the life of your dreams

Tahverlee is . . .

🌟 High Priestess, spiritual coach & temple keeper at moontempleschool.com⁣

💥 Transforming your voice and consciousness helping you seek clarity, connection and purpose in life ⁣

🖤 Conduit between the underworld and the cosmos ⁣

🔥 Edgewalker & Healer, embracing the polarity of both our light and darkness. I’ll go there with you!⁣

🎥 Business expert, spiritual coach, social impact entrepreneur, & podcast host⁣

If you are interested in being a guest on Grit & Grace, please complete the submission form HERE.