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Oct. 26, 2020

A Vessel for Lightworkers

A Vessel for Lightworkers
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Tahverlee is joined by Pedro Garcia, who set out on his spiritual journey seeking to find an answer to his depression and anxiety. Along his journey, he came to understand that he had the power to create a better life for himself.

All Pedro needed was to have the skill set necessary to live a new life purpose. He found his skill set within the principles of the Inca Shamans. He trained as an Inca Shaman and learned how to use ancient tools to help create a new purpose and bring light into this world with God's help.

Pedro has become the master of his own story through the old principle of self-reliance. Pedro is a geek at heart. His love of metaphors in the stories found in T.V. shows, movies, comics, and books help him explain ancient shamanic principles.

Pedro loves gaining an understanding of modern culture through finding connections between different mediums and formats to explain his process and concepts. By doing this, he brings a modern experience to ancient wisdom. Today Pedro has extended his skillset with modern tools and wisdom of NLP, hypnosis, Bioenergy and Mindset skill. Pedro loves to work with spiritual entrepreneurs, Coaches, Business Owners, and Community Leaders. Teaching them to connect to and master their skillset, so they can serve their family, business, and community to create a better world.

Tahverlee can be found at www.moontempleschool.com.

Pedro can be found at: www.facebook.com/shamanpedrogarcia https://shamanpedro.thinkific.com/courses/activate-your-intuition

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