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July 16, 2020

#123 Briana Lynn Returns

#123 Briana Lynn Returns
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On this episode of Grit and Grace, Tahverlee is joined a second time, with Rev. Briana Lynn. They discuss spirituality, prayer, systematic oppression, and the work we all need to do in ourselves and in the world. Briana outlines a historical description of how and when oppression began and how it has continued to permeate our society, affecting our social, political, spiritual, and economic systems. Much, if not all, of this oppression was orchestrated by Catholicism and Christianity and Briana discusses the many ways that these institutions are responsible for the racism, classism, genderism, and stratification of society.

Briana says that when you really start to dig deeper into who is pulling the strings behind the structures and the origins of the world, you will find that there is really no one there. She purports that there is no good vs. evil as so many people have been taught to believe and that ethics cannot be mandated by law, but that the most essential way to live is by honoring the emergent ethics of each human being. By doing so, she says that we will truly be able to grasp freedom, to celebrate what makes us unique and what unites us, and to begin to make progress in defeating oppression. The keys to doing this are dismantling your own internal systems of oppression while simultaneously activating the codes of liberation.

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Tahverlee is a Social Impact Entrepreneur, Founder of Tahverlee's Tribe and Spiritual Coach: www.tahverlee.com