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Green Cows Don't Fly

Green Cows Don't Fly

Writers B. and Jon are writing a book. Well, actually, they're not. They've enlisted the help of a Special Friend who does it for them, because, why do the hard work if someone can do it for them? Just give the Special Friend some prompts and ideas, and voila, the chapters come flying in. Every week, they meet up in the Green Room Café to review the friend's latest instalment of what is a High Fantasy / Crime Noir mash-up. The results can often be baffling, and sometimes even scary, but mostly the chapters are just ... weird. So tune in for their weekly show, and listen as the story unfolds.

Recent Episodes

A Bit of the Bard

Jan. 27, 2023

With B. and Jon still getting the book of season 2 finalised, Brian and Daphne have grabbed the mics and are determined to deliver the listeners a bit of culture and class by "giving" a classic excerpt from old Will S. Brian…

Waffling On #2

Jan. 20, 2023

The bad news? More waffling this week as B & Jon talk about Zombies, Prince Harry's recent book and guitars (but not Cadillacs) There's also more talk about the upcoming new Quester's Guide book. The Good News? It only las…

Waffling On #1

Jan. 13, 2023

As they try and come up with an idea for a new project, B and Jon are waffling on about the imminent release of the new Quester's Guide book. After killing B's pet cactus, Eddie - Brian is in her bad books. So Brian doesn't …

Season 2 Brain's Show: Introducing Daphne (another so-called bonus episode)

Jan. 6, 2023

With B and Jon working hard behind the scenes to get book 2 knocked into shape, Brian is once more in the hot seat. A chance meeting with and old acting acquaintance, Daphne, awakens long dormant memories maybe best forgotte…

Season 2 Brian's New Year Takeover - (a highly questionable "Bonus" episode)

Dec. 30, 2022

Season 2 Brian's New Year Takeover Pass the mince pies. Brian is behind the controls this week for a bonus episode as B & Jon are suffering the aftereffects of their Christmas excesses. Brian appears courtesy of - https://r…

Season 2 Christmas Special.

Dec. 23, 2022

B and Jon have been reading online reviews for Christmas products. It seems there are an awful lot of eejits out there. Meanwhile, Brian gives a masterly reading of the opening to a seasonal classic. Brian appears courtesy o…