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Will Shlifer podcast

I have listened to one podcast, and plan now to listen to many more. The podcast I just finished was an interview with Will Shlifer from Beachway Therapy Center. I was fortunate to be at Beachway as a client and as a member of Will's Trauma Track Program. The work I did in his program, at 52 years old, has changed the trajectory of my life. Although I went to Beachway to get help for what I thought was just alcoholism, I came out with a better understanding of my maladaptive behaviors - why I made decisions that I did, make peace with my past, and how to change those behaviors moving forward. Beachway and Will's Trauma Program have literally saved my life, and now I am happier and healthier (physically and mentally) than I have ever been. I am forever grateful that I was able to experience this type of healing. Good job Will - it worked for me!!!