Welcome to the Good Counsel, the Helping People's Podcast!
Dec. 15, 2021

Good Counsel – The Helping People’s Podcast

Good Counsel – The Helping People’s Podcast

The Helping People's Podcast

The Good Counsel Podcast is an exploration into the world of helping professionals from various disciplines and walks of life. The goal of the podcast is to discover the motivations and methodologies of these unique individuals in order to satisfy and arouse curiosity among members of the public who have an interest in this area of discussion. 

The intention of the Podcast is to incorporate a definition of ‘helping professional’ that is diverse. Good Counsel Podcast interviewees will include Psychotherapists, Medical Professionals, Life Coaches, Interventionists, Spiritual Healers, Substance Use Disorder Treatment Professionals and Educators amongst others, in order to capture a broad range of disciplines.  

My hope is to increase awareness and reduce stigma among the general public around mental health issues, substance use disorders and related problems while exposing people to the abundance and variety of help that is available to them.

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