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Going Live with Christoph Trappe - The Podcast

This podcast is the companion piece to the book “Going Live” by Christoph Trappe which is publishing in March 2021. Christoph shares thoughts from each chapter on this podcast. The book is available here: https://amzn.to/3j0oOpC

Recent Episodes

April 23, 2022

24: How to multistream and what platforms to use

Multistreaming is a great way to reach audiences wherever they are. In this episode, I discuss: What is multistreaming? Good plat…

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April 17, 2022

23: How fast is Verizon 5G UW?

Ever-improving and increasing 5G services certainly can make our lives as livestreamers and consumers easier. So I was excited to…

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April 1, 2022

22: Using a livestream countdown timer

Many live videos and live video podcasts do start with a livestream countdown timer. But, are they needed, and if so, how do we c…

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March 11, 2022

21: How to automatically respond to emails in Gmail

There are some emailed requests I get quite frequently so I wanted to find out how to automatically respond to them without me ha…

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March 4, 2022

20: Doing live audio monitoring correctly during a podcast or livestr…

Live audio monitoring while we are broadcasting to social media and even while we are recording matters. It's important because i…

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Dec. 18, 2021

019: How to livestream on TikTok

Livestreaming has been a great way for me to connect differently with audiences so I'm always interested in seeing how to maximiz…

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