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Nov. 2, 2020

Wellness and Giving to Others

Wellness and Giving to Others

Go Hard Chicks, in Episode 18, I share how being in service to others, not only helps the recipient, but helps you as well!  In order to be on a true wellness journey, we must work on our mental health and being in service to others helps us keep our minds and spirits in check.   Research has shown that participation in voluntary giving "is significantly predictive of better mental and physical health, life satisfaction, self-esteem, happiness, lower depressive symptoms, psychological distress, and mortality and functional inability." -VOLUNTEERING AND HEALTH BENEFITS IN GENERAL ADULTS: CUMULATIVE EFFECTS AND FORMS. Giving does not have to be complicated.  In fact you can give by: Saying thank you to someone for something they’ve done for you. Phoning a relative or friend who may need support or company. Asking a colleague how they are and really listen to the answer. Offer to lend a hand if you see a stranger struggling with bags. Go Hard Chicks, I challenge you to find ways that you can engage in simple acts of kindness in your daily lives.  Doing so helps not only you, but the universe.  Doing for other is medicine for the soul! 

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