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April 13, 2020

The Benefits of Personal Training with Jessica "She Trains" Thomas

The Benefits of Personal Training with Jessica

EPISODE 4 – The Benefits of Personal Training with Jessica “She Trains” Thomas

In this episode, I interview Jessica “She Trains” Thomas of Thomas Fitness based in the metropolitan Atlanta area. Jessica is a certified personal trainer, businesswoman, wife, and mom. In this episode, Jessica very candidly shares her fitness journey, including how she struggled with her weight and even her experience as a bikini competitor. Jessica shares how she started Thomas Fitness with her husband Markell and gives us some great information about how having a personal trainer is beneficial in assisting clients in reaching their personal fitness goals.  She also shares some great tips on how to select a personal trainer.

Jessica earned her IAFS Certified Personal Training certification under direction 8x Mr. Olympia Mr. Lee Haney. She is extensively trained in sports nutrition and is passionate about nutrition and dietetics. She is dedicated to improving dietary habits and long-term health of people of all ages.

Jessica is also involved in bodybuilding competitions and she is a National Level Fitness Bikini Competitor.

In this episode Jessica discusses:

· How her fitness journey began.

· Her Prior struggles with weight.

· Obstacles encountered during her fitness journey.

· How she got involved in personal training.

· The benefits of personal training for women.

· How she got involved in bodybuilding competitions.

· Requirements to engage in personal training.

· If there are any previous fitness involvements or Physical issues, limitations, etc.

· How often should one work out and how often should they meet with a trainer.

· Do personal trainers provide nutrition advice?

· Misconceptions about personal training.

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