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Jan. 30, 2023

Success Beyond the Resume

Success Beyond the Resume

Najah Drakes is an author, speaker, blogger, serial entrepreneur, former CFO, Work-Life Balance Strategist and Purposeful Living Coach.

As the founder of Spark Her Blaze, Najah is a Work-Life Balance Strategist, Personal Development Coach, and Self Care Expert. She helps ambitious women achieve success beyond their resume by taking back control of their calendar, time and peace. She empowers women to purposefully achieve success in their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual goals while balancing their professional success. After over 20 years of working with multi-million dollar companies, Najah now uses her strategic and data analysis skills to help women harness the data of their lives to empower them to live more purposefully physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Najah is the author of Divine Java: A Personal Affirmations Journal to Extract Your Bold Flavor from God's Divine Cup & creator of the Purposeful Prioritizer, a prioritizing tool that empowers women to clarify and pursue their priorities daily and on purpose.

In this episode we discuss:

· Understanding your identity from a wholistic perspective

· The importance of mindset

· How to reduce the overwhelm of their current demands and responsibilities

· Setting a morning routine

· Work life balance

Learn more about Najah:

IG: @sparkberblaze

Website: www.sparkherblaze.com

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