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Nov. 23, 2022

Special Episode: The Importance of Mind, Body, and Soul Alignment to Achieve Your Desired Wellness Goals

Special Episode: The Importance of Mind, Body, and Soul Alignment to Achieve Your Desired Wellness Goals
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Bela Castro is a lifestyle and spirituality coach who is re-energizing common fitness and nutritional goals by revealing what is truly motivating them.

Many of us have it in our heads that we want to lose weight, snag that promotion at work, eat healthier, and move forwardwith our lives. What we may not realize is the unhealthy mindset that’s holding us back. Bela's B-Fit program was born with the aim to help women better understand their intentions as a way to break free of bad habits and negative thought cycles. Her programs teach women of all backgrounds to become more focused,intentional, and toughin the face of life’s traumas and setbacks.

Prior to her own health and healing journey, Bela’s world came crashing down around her after infidelity reared its ugly head in an otherwise regular and quiet life. Once divorce, an empty corporate cubicle, and a vacant home created the space necessary for Bela to build the life she always wanted - but never knew she did.

In this episode, we discuss how women can become mentally and physically aligned so that we can achieve our desires.

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