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Feb. 7, 2022

Pilates: Body, Mind & Soul with Tandy Gutierrez

Pilates: Body, Mind & Soul with Tandy Gutierrez

Tandy Gutierrez is a mother, life partner, tarot reader, intuitive-psychic, and author, thriving in an autoimmune body (Celiac, thyroidectomy, IBS) with 20+ years of experience in the fitness & wellness industry.

Tandy is the founder & creator of Unicorn Wellness an online studio that has been bringing Tandy’s unique blend of wellness & fitness to her monthly paying subscribers throughout the US, Europe, Asia & Australia since 2013. She has built a community of thousands of women, many of whom belong to her private Facebook group, and who share and support each other in their wellness journey in a brave and safe space. Unicorn Wellness is a lifestyle, as well as a journey, that continues to cultivate a deeply connected community of likeminded magic makers (Unicorns) empowering not only themselves, but each other daily and influencing a constructive change in the world in the process.

She is recognized as one of the nation’s foremost Pilates experts featured in Allure, Seventeen, Self, and Elle Magazine and was the first Pilates Regional Manager for Equinox Fitness SoCal, with a resumé of celebrity clients such as Sendhil Ramamurthy of CW’s The Flash and NBC’s Heroes, Lucy Hale from ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars and Emmanuelle Chriqui from HBO’s Entourage. Tandy’s client list also includes professional athletes in the Olympics, NFL, MLB, and Iron Man Competitions.

In this episode we discuss:

· What Pilates is and the history of Pilates

· How Pilates can benefit women

· How Pilates found Tandy and how it helped to transform and heal her body

· How Tandy created a successful business incorporating Pilates, Reiki healing, and Tarot.

· Living a full life with an autoimmune body

And much more!

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