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Jan. 2, 2023

Nutrition and Supplements for the Active Woman

Nutrition and Supplements for the Active Woman
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Robin Allen is a nutritionist passionate about helping women over 40 understand the best practices for longevity. She is the founder of Necessary Nutrition, Inc and the creator of the Necessary Nutrition brand of Vitamin D3.

Due to the success of Necessary Nutrition, she has been featured on CNN Headline News, and countless other media outlets sharing her insight on food, nutrition and life.

In this episode we discuss:

· The importance of good nutrition;

· Robin’s top 3 recommended supplements; and

· What is encapsulated produce

· The importance of slowing down and getting rest

Connect with Robin:

Email: nessynutri@gmail.com

Website: necessaryvitamind.com

IG: @nessynutri

Facebook: NessyNutri

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