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Aug. 31, 2020

Medical Cannabis Demystified with Dr. Felecia L. Dawson

Medical Cannabis Demystified with Dr. Felecia L. Dawson

Dr. Felecia L. Dawson has practiced holistic gynecology, integrative and functional medicine for over 30 years. She was acknowledged by Essence Magazine as one of the leading female obstetrician gynecologists in the nation.

In December 2016, Dr. Dawson closed her medical practice, Women for Women, to focus on advocating, educating and consulting on medical cannabis full-time. She is the first physician in Georgia to join the Society of Cannabis Clinicians. This organization was founded by, Dr. Tod Mikuriya, the grandfather of the medical cannabis movement in the United States. She works with multiple grass root organizations to decriminalize this amazing plant that has been used for millennia by humans as food, medicine, fiber and more.

Currently, Dr. Dawson offers online educational consultations regarding holistic gynecology, medical cannabis and CBD.

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