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Nov. 30, 2020

Know your Worth: Understanding Celibacy with Kimberly Diamond

Know your Worth: Understanding Celibacy with Kimberly Diamond

In Episode 19, I am joined by Kimberly Diamond. Kimberly is a Life Coach and Holistic Health Coach. In 2010, Kimberly launched her business KIMestry, LLC with the mission of educating the community on the benefits of knowing their worth, holistic living and to mentor and empower women through beauty, health, holistic living, faith, encouraging women to remain celibate until marriage.

Her mottos are "Know Your Worth" and "Feed Your Body Life".  She honors her commitment to God by cherishing her body as a temple by remaining celibate for the past 15 years while exhibiting patience and strong beliefs. She believes that women should keep their virtue because the soul ties of different men are hard to break.  Kimberly encourages all women to trust God, feed their temples life, and DON’T SETTLE in their journey of being single and to remain celibate until marriage.

In this episode we discuss:

· What is celibacy?

· Is celibacy the same thing as abstinence?

· Can you engage in any physical activity at all?

· Is celibacy always motivated by religion?

· Why do people choose to be celibate?

· The benefits to being celibate.

· Are there any downsides to being celibate?

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Website: https://www.kimestrywellness.com/

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