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Aug. 15, 2022

How Career Burnout Can Lead to Self-Discovery with Yewande Faloyin

How Career Burnout Can Lead to Self-Discovery with Yewande Faloyin

Yewande Faloyin is the Founder & CEO of OTITỌ, which specializes in coaching entrepreneurial executives and serial high-achievers to accelerate into more senior, more impactful leadership positions. As a Certified Leadership and Performance Coach with leadership experience in high-pressured environments, Yewande helps ambitious entrepreneurial leaders how to confidently accelerate into more impactful leadership positions so that you can achieve more of the success you truly want ...... all without the overwhelm, pressure, & burnout.

Before founding OTITỌ, Yewande held leadership positions at McKinsey & Company and Morgan Stanley. She describes her professional life as being divided into two phases: Pre-Burnout & Post-Burnout.  Before her CV she was “ticking the serial high-achiever boxes.”  Up to the point of her burnout, she had made multiple "impossible" moves up the ladder by:

· Becoming the youngest VP promotee in Morgan Stanley PB, despite starting my career in tech

· Leaping from Morgan Stanley to McKinsey without the typical influence of an MBA

· Leading and counselling CEOs and their C-Suite through very challenging business problems

She was successful on paper, but something didn't feel right. She was exhausted and didn't feel she was creating the impact and reward she wanted. As a result, she walked away from McKinsey in 2018, having no idea if she would find what she wanted. Ultimately, her self-discovery journey led her to what she is doing today - executive leadership and performance coaching.

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