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March 26, 2020

How are you doing?

How are you doing?


How are you doing? This episode is a short check-in episode. We are certainly living in unprecedented times.  The last week has been quite challenging for me, and I am sure it has been challenging for you as well.  I, like many of you, am working from home and homeschooling my daughter at the same time. This combined with the stress of the unknown and just yearning for life as I knew it, has become quite the emotional struggle. Whew! It is a lot. In this episode, I give a few suggestions for managing your daily lives in this new normal. 

My five suggestions are as follows:

1. Stick to a schedule

2. Check on each other

3. Get organized

4. Meditate

5. Exercise and maintain healthy eating habits

We will get through this pandemic stronger than we were before! Hang in there! If you want to vent, share, have show or guest ideas, send an email to kristal@gohardchick.com.

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