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May 18, 2020

Girlfriend Chat with Courtney Townsend

Girlfriend Chat with Courtney Townsend

An important part of the wellness journey for women is cultivating friendships with other women and sharing with each other. In this episode I have a girlfriend chat with Courtney Townsend, who describes herself as “a big-time lover, a believer in the power of food, a soul stirrer, a good mama, a full belly giggler, and an eternal adventurer.” We discuss everything from food, kids, coping with anxiety, and the current state of affairs in dealing with the new normal of quarantine life.

Courtney is a chef, Wellness, Lifestyle, & Wholeness Coach. Her professional ventures include a multi-course catering company, commercial acting, real estate restoration, curation of a cultural festivals and culinary stage production. Her life tenants are motivational flexibility, daily education, and phoenixing (rising and recreating oneself) which have fueled her throughout her career as a Culinary Arts Professor and an entrepreneur.

Courtney wholeheartedly believes that all transformation is possible if you start from the place of “I love myself.”

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