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July 11, 2022

Elements of a Healthy Relationship with Dr. Alicia Watkins

Elements of a Healthy Relationship with Dr. Alicia Watkins

In Episode 43, I am joined by Dr. Alicia Watkins. Dr. Alicia proves us with some great insight and tips to improve our relationships and by improving our relationships we improve our health, wellness and will lead happier lives.

Dr. Alicia has been a Relationship Coach and licensed therapist for the past 18 years, and she has helped hundreds of couples turn their disconnected lives into happy, healthy relationships that continue to flourish over time.

In addition, she is a full-time professor of social work, who teaches courses on cultural competency, advanced level research, field education seminars, and micro and macro practice. She obtained her master’s degree in social work from the University of Chicago and her doctorate degree in social work at Florida State University.

She and her husband, Boyce, host a show called Pillow Talk with Boyce and Alicia where they discuss relationships and current events and happenings. I love to hear them discuss issues as a couple!

Learn more about Dr. Alicia:

YouTube:  Pillow Talk with Dr. Boyce and Dr. Alicia Watkins


Email: alicia@coachingwithdralicia.com

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