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May 4, 2020

Creating a Healthier Lifestyle with Farm to Table with Menia Chester

Creating a Healthier Lifestyle with Farm to Table with Menia Chester

Episode 6

In this episode I discuss creating a healthier lifestyle with Farm to Table with guest Menia Chester.    Menia is a chef and educator who is dedicated to teaching people through cooking and nutrition education how to make better food choices and prevent chronic disease.   She works closely with leaders throughout United States in an effort to solve issues surrounding leadership development, farming, community gardening, hunger, chronic disease prevention, food safety, nutrition education and cooking education. She is also a ServSafe food safety instructor, motivational speaker, and a certified health coach.

Menia is an accomplished baker and she makes some of the most fabulous cakes and desserts under her brand Desserts by Latrell.  But, she believes in everything in moderation and although she loves her desserts she  engages in frequent exercise as a runner and practices healthy eating.

Menia wholeheartedly believes that everyone should “know their food.”  In this episode, Menia shares what farm to table is and how we can use the farm to table concept in sourcing healthier food for our families.

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