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April 27, 2020

Building a Resilient Immune System with Dr. Barbara Joy Jones

Building a Resilient Immune System with Dr. Barbara Joy Jones


In this episode, we will talk with Dr. Barbara Joy Jones and addresses the unique & powerful role that food, exercise, sleep, and stress reduction play in the function of the immune system.

Dr. Jones is a board-certified family medicine physician proficient in Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment and a sought-after medical expert correspondent on CNN and HLN.  Most recently on Headline News as their Coronavirus expert.   Along with practicing medicine, she serves as teaching faculty for the family medicine residency at Northside Hospital Gwinnett and enjoys motivational speaking.

When she isn’t doctoring or appearing on national TV she is modeling or playing basketball. She currently is a model bride in the 2020 Georgia Bridal Runway Show Tour and she plays basketball in a women’s league for former college athletes who still enjoy the game.  She resides in Duluth Georgia and loves to travel.

Go Hard Chicks, the information in this episode is so important, not only to women, but for everyone. Dr. Jones has a wealth of knowledge and she takes us to school! I was blown away during this interview and at times I was at a loss for words. This interview really helped me take a closer look at my lifestyle and how I can make changes so that I can live a healthier and fuller life and hope this information helps you as well.

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