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Perfect for busy professionals, hard-working moms, and anyone who would like their health, fitness, and wellness questions answered by a like-minded individual, Go Hard Chick is a health and fitness podcast for women. Equal parts inspiration and information, the podcast covers topics from healthy eating to disease prevention to motherhood. Host Kristal Holmes brings a level of intensity to everything she does, from her fitness regime to her work as an attorney, earning her the nickname the ‘Go Hard Chick’. The self-proclaimed fitness junkie motivates women to live healthier and fuller lives.

Kristal’s personal fitness journey began after she noticed that she had been experiencing debilitating stress and anxiety and turned to food as comfort. Leading a high stress and high-pressure lifestyle, at her breaking point she found herself overweight, exhausted, and unhappy. During a life changing trip to Hawaii in the summer of 2008, she reunited with a childhood friend at a family wedding and was amazed that she looked as youthful as she had as a teenager—and she was 40 years old! When Kristal asked how she has been able to maintain her physique, she explained that she simply leads a lifestyle centered around health and fitness. When Kristal returned home and began dieting, she lost about 17 pounds before hitting a wall and deciding to hire her own personal trainer. It was only three months later after seeing immaculate results that she began preparing to participate in her first bikini competition and recognized her excessive stress had decreased tremendously. Shortly after the competition, Kristal found out she was pregnant and made the conscious effort to re-prioritize things in her life, including placing a focus on being there for the ones she loves.

A big part of Kristal's story shows that exercise and wellness can transform all areas of your life, and Kristal’s main goal in sharing her journey is to inspire others to make this same groundbreaking change in their own lives. Kristal is humbled and honored to have the chance to make an impact on the mindsets and wellbeing of others, and she wants to help people take that first step towards committing to a healthy lifestyle. She wants to spread motivation and encouragement to her clients that keeps them looking forward to each day’s progress.