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Rahul Sidhu

Co Founder

Rahul Sidhu grew up with two main interests in his life, technology and public safety. He started his public safety career as an EMT and quickly promoted to Paramedic and Crew Chief while studying emergency medicine at the University of Pittsburgh. After experiencing a series of harrowing incidents, including testifying against a Police Chief for abuse of authority and racial discrimination, Rahul made the decision to become a Police Officer in the Los Angeles area. His career in technology started even earlier than that. Rahul built his first video game when he was 14 years old, convincing over a dozen volunteer employees on the internet to help him build it. He later moved on to build his first start-up, which paid his way through college. He eventually merged his love for technology and public safety by founding SPIDR Tech in 2015. SPIDR Tech created the world's first automated customer service platform for public safety agencies. In the last 5 and a half years, Rahul has traveled to over 250 law enforcement agencies around the country to help them become transparent, accountable and service-oriented through technology-based processes. His combination of practical, in-field experiences, and nation-wide policing perspectives, have lead him to build a unique expertise around police reform around the country. His journey through the tech industry has always taught him how to build a venture-backable, profitable and scalable business in the technology space.

Dec. 7, 2021

The Future of Policing

In episode 128 of the Futurized podcast, the topic is: The Future of Policing. Our guest is Rahul Sidhu, Co-Founder and CEO at SP…

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