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Oct. 27, 2022

The Current | Inspiration in unlikely places

The Current | Inspiration in unlikely places

Welcome to the Current, my monthly-ish podcast episode where I give you a truly behind the scenes, deep look at what’s happening in my business and human design experiment, plus how it relates to the human design transits that I’m contemplating.

I’ll be honest, this month’s update is less about the business offers & marketing strategy and a lot more about my own direction, evolution and growth as an entrepreneur and business owner. And that’s in part due to the current transits and also in part due to life events that have me seeing the world in a whole new way. 

In this episode, I discuss:

  • Re-defining consistency as an undefined Will/Ego/Heart centered being
  • Inspiration I received from unlikely places, such as a traditional, corporate-y marketing conference I attended last month
  • The big takeaways I have from when my dad accidentally discovered human design
  • How the current transits, specifically the North Node & South Node, have been impacting me and likely will be impacting you

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