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Nov. 17, 2022

Building your business using your human design centers

Building your business using your human design centers

There is nothing more fundamental and yet at the same time revelatory as your human design centers. Once I started understanding the centers, I felt like I had really begun to sink my teeth into the human design and understand myself much more deeply.

Your centers represent your relationship or experience with certain themes or aspects of self. As a business owner, your centers give you clues about how to be an effective leader and business owner once you understand the inherent strengths and potential pitfalls of your design.

In this episode I discuss:

  • How the activation in your human design centers influences your relationship with certain themes in your life
  • What each center represents in the context of your business
  • Strengths and potential pitfalls for each center based on whether you have that center defined, undefined, or open.

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