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Dec. 2, 2022

BONUS: Aligning business & values, integrity, and life updates with Randi Lee of the Uplifting Podcast

BONUS: Aligning business & values, integrity, and life updates with Randi Lee of the Uplifting Podcast

Special bonus episode! This is my conversation with Randi Lee on The Uplifting Podcast where I talk about my recent Big Life decision and how it's impacting my journey as an entrepreneur.

If you’ve been listening to my podcast for the past couple months, you might recall me alluding to some big shifts for me personally and in my business... well, this is it!

Randi and I have known each other now for a couple years. Originally she started as one of my mentors in my human design & gene keys certification and about a month ago we both realized that we were in similar places in our businesses & lives so we wanted to talk about it and, for me, make it public. I absolutely love Randi (@randilee on Instagram), she is insightful, grounded, and compassionate. This is a fantastic conversation. Truly.

In this episode, we really dive into the big reasons why we each made this unique decision - and we cover everything from the trends we’re seeing & experiencing in the online business world, as well as personal decisions that each of us down this road. 

In next week’s podcast episode, I will be diving into this topic even more, sharing what this new adventure means specifically for me and my business going forward. And spoiler alert, I’m not going anywhere, and in fact, since I made this transition, business has actually been better than ever which I will talk about more next week as well.

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