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You're committed to living life by your own rules and that includes the actions you take to build your business. But did you know that there's one critical piece to building a successful & fulfilling business that has nothing to do with action plans & to-do lists? That critical piece is your energetic frequency. Here's the truth: Your frequency increases as you get into energetic alignment & become more magnetic to your desires. This means the higher your own frequency, the more flow gets channeled into & through your business. The Frequency & Flow podcast explains how to grow your business's unique brand, marketing, sales, and operations in alignment by leveraging your own energetic blueprint through Human Design & Gene Keys so that you can take aligned actions without force, frustration, or burn out. With 15+ years of online business experience and now 4+ years into her own human design experiment, Bree Kuryk discusses her own learnings & challenges while giving practical guidance you can implement to build a fulfilling and abundant business that creates the life of freedom you desire.