Feb. 3, 2020

Amy Errett, Founder of Madison Reed

Amy Errett, Founder of Madison Reed

Kevin Rose interviews Amy Errett, CEO and founder of Madison Reed, a direct-to-consumer brand offering hair color and care products made of ingredients her customers can actually feel good about. Amy is also a partner at True Ventures where she shares learnings, from her years in investment banking and building consumer brands from scratch, with True’s founder community.

In this episode, Amy explains how she and her team think about marketing in all directions – including advice for tracking multi-channel attribution, the power of surveying those closest to your product (your customers), why she enjoys helping people “find their genius,” and more. “I like just building a team and then conquering something together that seems hard to conquer,” said Amy.  

Learn more about Madison Reed: www.madison-reed.com

Or read up on Amy here: https://trueventures.com/team/amy-errett