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Dec. 27, 2023

Florida Beer Podcast - Episode 160: 2023 Stormhouse Brewing Holiday Cheers & Beers Brewfest

Florida Beer Podcast - Episode 160: 2023 Stormhouse Brewing Holiday Cheers & Beers Brewfest

Happy Holidays and a Hoppy New Year!!

We are back at Stormhouse Brewing with another beerfest and another episode! This time, Stormhouse Brewing was celebrating their 2023 Holiday Cheers and Beers Brewfest--a celebration of beer, spirits, and shopping to get everybody in the holiday spirit. There's a lot of fantastic beers to be had; and, while the Brewfest was definitely well-attended, it still had a delightfully relaxed and fun atmosphere. On today's episode, we will be speaking to people from Bay 13, Coastal Karma, Frazier Creek, Side Door, Warhammer, Pareidolia, Magic 13, Walking Tree, Delirium, and finally a little bit of time with our host Josh Brinzo from Stormhouse itself. You'll get full names in the show notes below. And, definitely follow Stormhouse for more information on their next festivities! Listen in...

Executive Producer: Jaime (“Jemmy”) Legagneur, Chief Enthusiasm Officer

Field Producer/Photographer: Steve Pekala

Editor: Daniel Delgado

Guest: Greg Berbusse, Bay 13 Brewing

Guest: Charles Chase, Coastal Karma Brewing

Guest: Etienne Bourgeois, Frazier Creek Brewing and Distillery

Guest: Jesse Phelps, Side Door Brewing

Guest: Matt Stetson, Warhammer Cider

Guest: Nicole Beckett, Pareidolia Brewing

Guest: Jean Taboada, Magic 13 Brewing

Guest: Jack Wich, Walking Tree Brewing

Guest: Troy Barfoot, Delirium

Guest: Josh Brinzo, Stormhouse Brewing

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Opening Voice Over Courtesy of: Jeff Brozovich

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