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Sept. 20, 2023

Florida Beer Podcast - Episode 151: Homebrewing at SFL Hops Beer Fest 2023!

Florida Beer Podcast - Episode 151: Homebrewing at SFL Hops Beer Fest 2023!

Catching Up with Local Favorites

SFL Hops is a south Florida (obviously)-based beer organization disseminating information, organizing meetups, and doing so much more. One of their recent events was the SFL Hops Beer Fest, a beer festival and homebrew competition that was held this summer in June at Riverside Market South. They were gracious enough to invite us, and we were smart enough to bring our recording equipment to learn more about what some area homebrewers think about the state of homebrewing today. We start with Stuart Skopit--SFL Hops founder--to talk about the organization and the day's event. From there, we caught up with our good friend Albert Rivera, co-founder of Bread and Beer Buds and Lab Tech at the Fermentation Lab at FIU. He's a wealth of knowledge when it comes to brewing and gave us a little insight about the role and interest in education for homebrewers. Then let's talk to some homebrewers! We start with Rudy Delgado from Rocketeer Beer, who had their beer named for yours truly on tap that day! From there, we chat with Juan Salas from Cinta Verde Brewing, John Gallarte from Little Brewing Co., and Herman Fuenmayor from Dancing Calavera Brewing Company. Finally, we catch up with David Carrion from Bonita Beach Brewing right after they won Best Homebrewer at the competition. And, to get the attendee perspective, Luis Cotto from "Beard Brews and Food & Beer Pressure: The Podcast" was gracious enough to hop over to our show for a bit. And, in the end, we sat down for a quick moment with Adrian Zamudio from Tiny Mallet Designs--maker of all-wood steins that are absolutely fantastic. I'm using mine right now. Listen in...

Executive Producer: Jaime (“Jemmy”) Legagneur, Chief Enthusiasm Officer

Field Producer/Photographer: Steve Pekala

Editor: Daniel Delgado

Guest: Stuart Skopit, SFL Hops

Guest: Albert Rivera, Bread and Beer Buds and the Fermentation Lab at FIU

Guest: Rudy Delgado, Rocketeer Beer

Guest: Juan Salas, Cinta Verde Brewing

Guest: John Gallarte, Little Brewing Co.

Guest: Herman Fuenmayor, Dancing Calavera Brewing Company

Guest: David Carrion, Bonita Beach Brewing

Guest: Luis Cotto, Beard Brews and Food & Beer Pressure The Podcast

Guest: Adrian Zamudio, Tiny Mallet Designs

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Opening Voice Over Courtesy of: Jeff Brozovich

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