May 10, 2023

Gracefully Changing-Part 2

Gracefully Changing-Part 2

Ali and Cherie’ talk all about gracefully changing and the path forward.

About the Guest:

Cherie’ Burgess could best be described as a collector of knowledge in ancient practices of healing. She comes from a long line of healers, medicine women, and animal correspondents.

Searching for alternative ways to help her family heal, Cherie began her journey of exploring

and being certified in several alternative modalities of healing and spirituality.

She first studied Reiki and became a Reiki master, then Theta healing, Chrystal healing, and began studying animal communication. She became an Archangelic Life Coach, Access Consciousness, Bars/Body Process practitioner, and then went on to study Akashic Records reading and Galactic Activations practitioner. She is also an Angel card reader.

In all things Cherie’ leads first in love. She creates a safe space free of judgement and acts as a conduit and partner with the Divine, in her readings and healing practice.

Cherie Burgess - Akashic Record Reader and Intuitive Healer | Facebook



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No sleep. Let it sweep you off your feet.

Ali Perry-Davies:

Hi, you're listening to find your joy. If you're looking for ways to thrive rather than survive in a world that can seem rather chaotic, you're in the right place. We will be sharing stories of our own, as well as those from guests who have found ways to bring hope, healing and freedom into places where trauma has impacted them. I'm Ali, author of the art of healing trauma, and I'm here to remind you that life is sweet. Now, let's dive in and find ways to create our joy. Hi, this is Ali and this is find your joy. And I'm very happy to say that today is part two with the fabulous the amazing the love bomb, which is Cherie’ Burgess, intuitive healer extraordinaire, hello, Cherie’

Cherie’ Burgess:

Hello Ali. So nice to be back. And very thank you so much for your kind introduction.

Ali Perry-Davies:

Ah, well, you know, here a person who I have a lot of love and, and a lot of history a lot of history with. And, and it's it's really nice to have somebody here that I have a lot of history with me, you know, I love meeting new people and I love all of that too. But when I have someone that I have a long history with, who I've watched, grow and change and learn and evolve. There's a there's a special way that that works for me because I I guess it's well first of all, it's well it's not like I made you in the back on a kit that I'm proud of you that way but I'm I'm I'm proud to call you my friend I'm I'm it's been really quite a blessing just to watch as you've grown and grown and grown and and, and they had so many things that could have taken you out over the years, right, there's been a lot of, you're a person who's who's intimately known pain and intimately known grief and intimately known what it's like to watch your family suffer. And through all that I have witnessed as you have chosen, to instead of have that take you out, you have found ways to incorporate love. I would say that that's basically your love bomb. And I think that's that's how I see how your h