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Fighting to Be Free

Fighting to Be Free

My name is Christian! As a relational fitness coach for over a decade I share my passion for helping women learn to love themselves again thru diet, exercise, personal development & community of strong women! Join me each week as I share with you in practical ways how to help achieve your goals! I’ll also share my story of how I lost over 120 lbs. and building a successful fitness business through all the ups and downs of life. As someone who has struggled with my weight my whole life I’m passionate about fighting to Be Free & I want to take you with me!

Recent Episodes


April 18, 2022

Some inspirational advice and ways on how to be and stay consistent with a habit that you’re trying to adopt in your life!


March 10, 2022

How often are you motivated to complete a project or start a new journey? Do you get motivated to start something and then not finish? Do you get frustrated with yourself for not having the motivation to be victorious? If so…

12 Things to Remember

Jan. 19, 2022

12 Tips to Remember!

This is your host!

Jan. 4, 2022

Christian dives into her weight loss journey along with a little bit about her self! She gives you some helpful tips and tricks on how to get started! She shares about her struggles with food and body image and how habits ha…


Nov. 4, 2021

10 ways to show up for yourself taking time each day to focus on one of these things that can help you with self and personal development! Christian talks about how to show up for yourself each day! Instagram @christiancorle…