Podcast E041 | Gale Wilkinson of Vitalize VC


00:00 Introduction
00:22 What inspired you to become a VC?
01:20 What is your investment thesis? What is the motivation for your thesis?
06:27 What are you currently reading or learning or listening to these days?
07:57 In 2 years, how do you see venture capital evolved or changed?
11:40 How do people contact you?
12:13 Thank you

Featured Guest Bio:

Gale Wilkinson is the founder and Managing Partner at Vitalize, a seed fund and angel community investing in future of work + learning software. Previously, Wilkinson founded IrishAngels, one of the largest angel groups in the country. Gale has led $65M+ in early stage deals across 80+ portfolio companies. Her experience prior to VC includes founding two failed startups, consulting for new product launches with Nielsen, and strategy with Orbitz.

Wilkinson received a BBA with honors from Notre Dame and an MBA with honors from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. She was a founding Board member of the C200 Scholars Network, and she is currently a founding Board member of Chicago Blend, an organization focused on increasing diversity in VC and startups.

You can find her on twitter @galeforceVC or on Vitalize's "Talking Venture" YouTube series. She lives in Chicago with her husband Matt and very lovable yellow lab Samson.

Fund Information:

Early stage fund & angel community investing in the future of work & learning. The team recently launched Vitalize Angels, an innovative angel platform that allows both accredited and non-accredited to invest as low as $1,000 into highly vetted startups.

Fund Site:

Fund Contact:
Twitter @galeforceVC