Podcast E024 | Pratibha Vuppuluri of Unreasonable Group

00:00 Introduction
00:24 What inspired you to become a VC?
01:41 What is your investment thesis? What is the motivation for your thesis?
03:36 What are you currently reading or learning or listening to these days?
05:12 In 2 years, how do you see venture capital evolve or changed?
08:28 How do people contact you?
08:48 Thank you

Featured Guest Bio:
Pratibha Vuppuluri heads up the Investments division at the Unreasonable Group with a mandate to facilitate financing to 200+ high-growth impact companies within the Unreasonable network. She brings ~15 years of experience in investment banking and strategic finance and has transactional experience across industrial and clean technology sectors. She holds a B.Sc. in Applied Economics and Management with Distinction in Honors Research from Cornell University and has completed her Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University.

Fund Information:
Yes, we operate immersive programs for growth-stage entrepreneurs offering solutions to seemingly intractable challenges. Yes, we are also a multi-media company, a private global network, and an investment firm. We forge unlikely partnerships with some of the world’s largest institutions and most admired brands, and we operate multiple initiatives across asset classes, industries and geographies, because we are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to drive resources to and break down barriers for entrepreneurs solving BFPs.

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