Podcast E022 | Jeep Kline - Mr Pink’s VC

00:00 Introduction
00:18 What inspired you to become a VC?
01:44 What is your investment thesis? What is the motivation for your thesis?
04:00 What are you currently reading or learning or listening to these days?
06:05 In 2 years, how do you see venture capital evolved or changed?
08:55 How do people contact you?
09:11 Thank you

Featured Guest Bio
Ms. Kline has extensive operating experience in technology and international development. She was an economist at The World Bank where she implemented technology projects in many regions in Asia, Africa, South America, and Eastern Europe. Later, she joined Intel Corp. to pioneer and create the company’s first Android tablet targeting emerging countries. The product has grown to a global portfolio in 4 years. After Intel, she served as COO at an early-stage startup launching edge computing and computer vision products in worldwide markets.

Currently, she is selected as a key Advisor and Investment Committee at many top-tier incubation programs including Skydeck, Alchemist Accelerator, and UCSF Health Hub. In addition, she is an Advisor to many CEOs and a Board Member at Intel Alumni Network. She is also nominated to be a lead Ambassador representing Skydeck at UC Berkeley in 11 countries in Southeast Asia. Importantly, she is a co-founder and General Partner at Translational Partners, an Asia focused venture fund. Most recently, she has joined MrPink VC, a South America focused fund, as Venture Partner.

Fund Information:
We are a seed fund that invests in technology startup companies, located in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay, that address global challenges. We believe that technology investment should not be confined to mainstream hubs like Silicon Valley, London, or Beijing. It is our mission to bring technology access and economic prosperity to Latin America through investment.

The initial portfolio of 20 companies will benefit from MrPink’s Venture Design & Growth Playbook, leveraging our experience by building, investing and refining over 40 startups, producing 10x returns and multiple exits.

Our partners and diverse leadership team have brought together decades of hands-on experiences to invest in high-quality entrepreneurs and help them succeed along the growth journey.

Fund Site:


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