May 31, 2019

Matt Wicking — Overcoming fatigue, building power

Matt Wicking — Overcoming fatigue, building power

Matt Wicking is a well-known figure in the environmental community. Through years of mentoring and facilitating at the Centre for Sustainable Leadership, he's worked with some of the leaders in the community, and helped them find their strength. Two of Climactic's own, Georgia and Maxine, have been taught by Matt. He showed great humility and grace by being willing to speak to us not only about his work, his mindset and approach to life in the time of climate change, but also his issues and burdens.

This is a timely discussion, as many of us are feeling tired and overwhelmed in the wake of the Australian election, and need to hear how to set a basis for our own strength. To care for ourselves, so we can be of service to others.

We hope you enjoy this candid, heartfelt, and extremely relevant chat with Matt Wicking, and follow the links to check out his work.

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Special Guest: Matt Wicking.

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