March 27, 2019

Holly Hammond — Climate Community Care Bear

Holly Hammond — Climate Community Care Bear

Holly Hammond is a stalwart of the social activism community, but when she's not on the baricades or on a march, she's practising radical self-care, and helping others to do the same. Burnout is endemic in the activist community, but maybe it doesn't have to be. Holly's efforts, and organising, have helped scores of members of the community overcome burnout, overwhelm, and emotional fatigue. With host Bronwyn, a self-care advocate in her own right, this conversation dives deep into how we need to look after ourselves, while looking out for others. Please check out the resources, Holly's sites, and if you're feeling overwhelmed, feel free to reach out to us and we'll get you connected with the great people in the community eager to help.

Tools referred to in this podcast:

*Reviewing activitist year *

Healthy goal setting

Desired feelings

Resources for sustaining activism

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Special Guest: Holly Hammond.

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