Feb. 21, 2019

Carolyn Ingvarson — Creating Lighter Footprints

Carolyn Ingvarson — Creating Lighter Footprints

The Climactic Collective is the next phase for Climactic, and it starts now.

Member of the Climactic Collective Bronwyn Gresham brings us this interview with Carolyn Ingvarson, founder of the influential group Lighter Footprints. Based in the eastern Kooyong area of Melbourne, the group started initially in response to the film, An Inconvenient Truth, as a way to gather like-minded locals to make improvements in their home and personal sustainability. But the group has grown into something much bigger, and is now the gold-standard for the type of influence and impact a community group can have.

Instrumental to this has been Carolyn's leadership. Bronwyn is able to peel back Carolyn's experiences and victories, and learn her fears and doubts. In the process, this episode delivers a powerful story about reconciling with your own perceived weaknesses, and how to harness them to become strengths.

We hope you enjoy this first episode from this new phase of Climactic. Any feedback would be warmly welcome. Email us at hello@climactic.fm.

Hazel Fidecaro — Producer
Rich Bowden — Editor-in-Chief
Mark Spencer — Founder
Maxine Bazeley — Host
Georgia Sheil — Host
Bronwyn Gresham — Host

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  • Lighter Footprints — Lighter Footprints aims to influence Australians (including local, state and national decision-makers) to take urgent action to halt global warming

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