Optimized for great search engine ranking

Every Podpage has been over-optimized for podcast SEO. Especially after you attach your domain name, in a few weeks you'll rule Google.

Search Engine Optimization

Your site should come up first when people search for your podcast on Google, and your Podpage site is heavily optimized to do just that.* Most Podpage sites have a Google SEO score of 100, because of the way we structure data, create URLs, add schema and metatags, and much, much more. * It can take weeks for Google to fully index your site.

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Pretty Links

URLs are more memorable when they're readable, and search engines prefer URLs to mean something, so every URL on your website is human readable (/disney-interview) instead of a random number (/9n292na). You can customize these URLs as well, so if you want to say the memorable URL during the episode ("Get the show notes at mywebsite.com/podcast-tips"), that's easy.

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Built for Sharing

Every episode on your website will have prominant links to share to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and a large list of other social networks. Additionally, every page has been optimized with the right open graph metatags so when it is shared, it looks gorgeous on every playform and stands up in the timeline for better visibility.

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Advanced SEO Analysis

Podpage has a built in SEO Tool similar to Yoast SEO, the #1 plugin on Wordpress. This tool will look at each page and suggest changes to make it as powerful as possible for your search engine goals.

Set Search Keyphrase

Set a focus keyphrase for each page, which is the main search phrase you want to optimize the page for. Podpage uses that with the SEO Analysis Tool to help you make sure your page ranks well on Google and other search engines for the keyphrase you’re targeting.