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Season 1

March 17, 2023

Game Stats and Trends with AppMagic's Stan Minasov

Welcome back to Fake Gamer Bro! This episode, I'm very excited to talk to a special guest, Stan Minasov from App Magic. We focus on two genres: Merge and Idle Tycoon and how the trends have been changing. AppMagic is …

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Dec. 10, 2022

Mobility Ware Best Card Games???

Listen I recorded this back in October. We talk about card games and games that *shouldn't* be mobile games and also a bit of a rebrand that I've talked about on Twitter! Aka I'm using Ko-fi now instead of Patreon. …

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Sept. 24, 2022

Mistplay or MUSTplay?

Justin and Jax back to talk about the pros and cons of earning money by playing mobile games. And, like, other stuff, probably. My Mistplay Code (which I promise I won't plug every episode lol) Shoutout to patron Danni TheSpo...

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Aug. 6, 2022

Kathy Bates Stars as Grandma

Jan is back! I've been pronouncing his name wrong! We've known each other for years! Also we talk about mobile games. One day I will go through and actually list all the games we talk about in each episode. Mostly …

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April 23, 2022

Roguish Cards with Justin Part One

Our first two parter! In this episode, Jax and Justin talk about several of the games developed by Tiny Touch Tales! Also, if you're a Patron, get ready for some bonus content to drop as my dear, dear editor Domi …

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March 4, 2022

Cam and Jax Talk Farm RPG

Listen we've been talking about it a little bit in other episodes, it was time it got its own! Note: This was recorded at the end of December and there have definitely been changes and improvements in the meantime, so …

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April 30, 2021

Hyper Hippo Adventures

This week Jax explores the joys of fictional capitalism. And communism. And... history? What does this have to do with Club Penguin and just who is responsible for that theme song that will never leave my head? Shoutout to pa...

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April 16, 2021

Magic Survival and a Not So Simple RPG

This week Jax gets confused about what genres of games are and how both good AND bad games are addicting. We also now have a youtube channel (linked below)! The theme song was done by Domi. Link to the theme …

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