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Expats in Austin

Expats in Austin

Expatriates, you are unique. And you live in a special place, too: Austin. Nobody understands your stories, challenges, successes, and, yes, your stumbles like other expatriates. *Expatriates with amazing tales *Entrepreneurs who have overcome the struggles of starting a business even though they are "outsiders" *Professionals that assist expatriates with their unique problems Join me, Kurt Russell, as we cover everything from "The Big Jump" to "Settling In" and maybe even "Repatriation".

Recent Episodes

Csilla Somogyi: Successful Business Owner and Mother with a Vision.

April 5, 2021

Expatriate parents face special challenges, in addition to all the normal challenges of parenthood.…

Marco Silvestrini: Partner & co-Founder of Dolce Neve Gelato of Austin, Texas

March 17, 2021

Want to start a business? Are you afraid that - as a foreigner - the hurdles are too high and too m…

Jason Finkelman: Immigration Attorney

March 10, 2021

Green Card? Employment Visa? Temporary? Permanent? I thought I knew what I knew. After all, I have…

Introduction Time!

Feb. 16, 2021

Why make the Expats In Austin Podcast? Why me? Why now? Are you an expatriate? Do you live in Aust…

Anna Zieleniewska: Destination Service Consultant

Feb. 16, 2021

What is an "expatriate" really? What was your relocation process like? If you did not have a Desti…

Expats In Austin Teaser

Jan. 28, 2021

Expatriates are unique. Austin is unique. We meet the very special people from around the world who…